Accessories including mobile chargers and grease meters maximize the productivity of your Alemite Battery Powered Grease Gun.

Images Product # Description Remarks
6800 Model 6800 Lever-Action Coupler
340911 Rechargeable Battery, 12V, 1700 mAh, NiCad
340912 Rechargeable Battery, 14V, 1900 mAh, NiCad
340913 1 Hour Battery Charger, 110V/60Hz, 12V and 14.4V For US and 110V/60Hz regions
340914 1 Hour Battery Charger, 220V/50Hz, 12V and 14.4V For Europe, Middle East and 220V/50Hz regions
340915 1 Hour Battery Charger, 220V/50Hz, 12V and 14.4V For UK, Africa, Hong Kong and regions using UK 3 prong plug
340916 1 Hour Mobile Car Charger, 12V and 14.4V Plugs into 12V DC vehicle accessory outlet
339812 Carrying Strap Reduces fatigue, allows easy storage
340057 Tool Bag Convenience and easy transport
340067 36” Hose Replacement 10,000 psi/ 690 bar working pressure, equipped with spring guards
340338 Relief Valve Relieves pressure to ease coupler removal from fitting
3530 Grease Meter Adapter 340062 required
308730 Grease Coupler Replacement 10,000 psi/690 bar max. pressure