Alemite's new line of systems and equipment for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) include 1/3hp DEF Pump System, 110-120 VAC Centrifugal Pumps and 12 VDC Pumps for closed drums and totes, Pneumatic and Electric Pumps for standard 2-inch bung containers, 1/2-inch Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps and accessories.

1/3hp DEF Pump System

  • Self priming. Easy set up and start up, minimizing chance of operator error.
  • High operating efficiency. Up to 7gpm fill rate, quickly servicing each vehicle.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design. Built-in handle, quickly change empty drum/tote with minimal effort.
  • High quality components. Reliability and long service life in the heavy duty shop.
Images Product # hp Voltage Watts Drum Tote Flow Rate Mobile Cart
343183 1/3 115/60 600 55g 275/330 up to 7gpm N
343185 1/3 115/60 600 55g 275/330* up to 7gpm Y

*if used with cart

Included items with models 343183 and 343185:

  • Nozzle - Stainless Steel; Auto shut off
  • Delivery Hose - 20' x 3/4"
  • Suction Hose - 18" x 3/4" id with 343183
  • Suction Hose - 36" x 3/4" id with 343185
  • Mounting Plate - Stainless Steel (SS) with integrated nozzle holder