Non-Drip Nozzles

Alemite Non-Drip Nozzles help prevent drips and spills, for a cleaner, safer work space. The nozzles are available with an automatic shut off, or manual twist lock mechanism.

Images Product # Description Used With Thread Sizes
B339800 Automatic Assembly (blister pack) 3620 series, 3621, 3621-A, 3622, 3622-A, 3640 series, 3641-1, 3686-1, 3686-B, 7948 1/4” NPTF(f)
339084 Manual 3620-B, 3621-B, 3641-B1, 3670-B, 3670-BL, 3671-B, 3671-BL, 3672-B, 3672-BL, 3685-J, 3685-F, 3685-G 1/4” NPTF(f)
340084 Manual High-Volume 3624-C, 3644-C1, 3674-C, 3691-C, 3690 series, 7498-C 1/2” NPTF(f)

Water Bib

Alemite’s Water Bib manual dispensing valve is suitable for dispensing water, antifreeze, or windshield washer fluid. Inlet size is 1⁄4”.

Water Bib - BSWA321