Alemite continuously works to bring the newest and most innovative products to the fluid handling industry. Our progressive research and development team studies the industry to detect trends and engineers products to meet the growing needs of the market.

New Products
Model 8597 Low-Profile Truck Drain Model 8597 Low-Profile Truck Drain Details
Alemite has introduced its new Model 8597 Low-Profile Truck Drain for use in vehicle service facilities. Designed to collect fluid from beneath trucks and recreational vehicles without the need for a lift or jack, this drain completes Alemite’s line of fluid management, dispensing and used-fluid recovery equipment. The simple-to-use, 20-gallon drain quickly and easily rolls under the vehicle to catch fluids such as engine coolant, transmission coolant, transmission fluid and engine oil.
Model 6800 Lever-Action Coupler Model 6800 Lever-Action Coupler Details
Alemite’s Model 6800 Lever-Action Coupler makes quick work of equipment lubrication. It is easily attached and removed from the grease fitting by the simple operation of the lever. Its superior seal minimizes grease loss between the coupler and the fitting head. All-steel construction provides maximum durability and service life while the rubber sleeve protects the hose from wear.
Premium Lube Trolley Premium Lube Trolley Premium Lube Trolley Details
Alemite has introduced its new Premium Lube Trolley Packages for portable oil and grease dispensing. Designed to deliver lubricant directly from 55-gallon or 400-pound drums, these packages can be used to service a full range of vehicles, as well as industrial and process machines.
14.4v Li-Ion Grease Gun 14.4v Li-Ion Grease Gun Details
Alemite has announced the launch of its new 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun for equipment maintenance. As the latest addition to the company’s growing range of Li-ion battery-powered grease guns, the new 14.4 Volt model combines proven heavy-duty performance and durable, ergonomic design with the benefits of Lithium-ion battery technology to simplify the lubrication process.
COB LED Light Reel COB LED Light Reel Details
Alemite has announced the introduction of its COB LED Light Reel for automotive workspaces. Combining next-generation COB (Chip on Board) technology with several robust design features, the new COB LED Light Reel is built to illuminate the tightest automotive workspaces and withstand the toughest shop conditions.
3575 Odometer-Style Meter 3575 Odometer-Style Meter Details
Alemite has introduced its new Odometer-style Mechanical Meters for fluid dispensing applications. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, these meters are offered in four versions in combinations of rigid or flexible extension and quart or liter measurement.
Alemite 24/7 Alemite 24/7 Details
Alemite has introduced its new 1751 Series of automatic lubricators, known as Alemite 24/7. Designed to automatically supply a small quantity of grease or oil to a single lubrication point on a regular basis, these lubricators help to increase machine reliability, improve employee safety and optimize maintenance operations.
Bulk Fluid Tank Packages Bulk Fluid Tank Packages Details
Alemite has added a series of heavy-duty bulk lubrication tank packages to its line of Fluid Handling Equipment. The 1000 Series tanks come assembled, but the sight gauge and filter regulator must be mounted. Assembly is required on the 1300 Series tanks. These packages can be delivered directly to your location to save time and money.
Fuel Transfer Pump Fuel Transfer Pump Details
Alemite is pleased to announce the release of its new Model 3400 Fuel Transfer Pump. Designed for both mobile and stationary tanks, this pump quickly dispenses diesel, kerosene or mineral spirits at a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute. It is ideal for agricultural, construction, fleet and other applications requiring a 12-volt pump. The durable, cast-iron body includes long-wear, low-friction composite vanes and a conical fuel strainer to keep the motor load low and the flow consistent. Alemite engineers developed a unique, multi-piece telescoping pick-up tube that fits a wide range of tank depths without cutting. The pump is self-priming and properly sealed to withstand tough weather conditions.
Colored Heavy Duty Hose Reels Colored Heavy Duty Hose Reels Details
Alemite has added three new colored reels to its Model 8078 Series of Heavy Duty Hose Reels. Black, blue and white reels now will be available in addition to our Alemite maroon reels. These reels set the industry standard for reliability in tough working environments. Engineered for optimum performance and safety, Alemite's Heavy Duty Hose Reels are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. These versatile reels are easy to install and maintain and are available in models for oil, air/water and grease. The Model 8078 features a five-position guide arm allowing the hose to release at the optimum position, and its reliable ratchet prevents lockup when the hose is fully extended. Durable and corrosion resistant, the reels have sealed bearings to prevent contamination.
20-Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun Details
Alemite is pleased to announce its new 20-Volt, Lithium-Ion Grease Gun for maintenance professionals. Featuring built-in intelligence, the innovative Model 596 has a multi-function, liquid crystal display (LCD) that indicates cartridge level, battery charge level and grease dispensed, as well as alerting the operator of a stall condition or loss of prime. With maximum pressure of 10,000 psi, the two-speed grease gun delivers up to 15 grease cartridges per battery charge. Below is a detailed graphic of the gun's features.