December 27, 2013



Alemite has introduced its new AFCS PC Fluid Inventory Control and
Management System for vehicle service applications. There are several accessories that are available with this system and they are shown below.




343121 DU Wireless Kit -

Includes a wireless adapter and antenna that can be installed in the DU.

343213 Master PC Software with Remote Report Software -

Software for master PC, remote report software and updater.

343214 Virtual Keypad Software License -

Software that allows technicians to initiate dispense from shop PC.

343220-25 Combo Unit 25-foot cable assembly -

25-foot of wire used to connect combo unit or master solenoid to DU port.

343235 Ready Light Assembly -

Optional ready light illuminates when fluid solenoid is open and station is ready to dispense.

343230 Combo Unit -

Includes solenoid, pulse meter, and 150-micron filter. Prewired with connections for ready light and dispense wire.


339006 Master Air Solenoid -

Optional safety feature that only activates when system is in use.