October 15, 2016

Alemite has introduced its new Premium Lube Trolley Packages for portable oil and grease dispensing. Designed to deliver lubricant directly from 55-gallon or 400-pound drums, these packages can be used to service a full range of vehicles, as well as industrial and process machines.

Complete with all necessary components, the lube trolley packages include a pneumatically operated Alemite pump, durable hose reel and electronic meter for oil or high-pressure control valve for grease. These lube trolleys feature durable, heavy-duty construction for long service life and low cost of ownership.

The Alemite Lube Trolley Packages are easily maneuverable on uneven surfaces in the shop or factory. Each trolley has a designated space for a hose reel, and the arm of the trolley extends to hold the control valve or meter. Its pivoting handle allows the operator to manually move the trolley or attach it to a motorized cart.

Please refer to part number 343509 for oil; or part number 343510 for grease.

For more information on Alemite’s Premium Lube Trolley Packages, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-822-4579 or visit

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